3HD like Porgs!! The lovable fluffy porgs/puffins in the last Jedi #Star Wars, My new fave jumper!

3HD is excited about this one!

So those adorable and comical fluffy characters that graced our screens in Star Wars the last Jedi were actually PUFFINS?!! Say What?! The island where the crew filmed the scenes were inundated with thousands of the creatures. To the point where they couldn’t be erased, so the force absorbed them and welcomed them into the Star wars family! And I am so happy that they did as IWOOT have once again pulled it out the bag and for just £17.99 and free delivery you can own a jumper that …well…rocks!


Click the image to get yourself one -whilst they are still in stock. I must say I am really impressed with the quality and fit. The only thing I would say is either wash it straightaway or don’t put it over a white t shirt -I found that out the hard way!

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