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The Professional Bio

Adam T Hourlution is the founder of 3HourDad.com, 3HD was born from his love of helping and giving back to others. Adam loves meeting new people and his goal is to remind them of just how brilliant they are by spreading some cheer in a world which doesn’t always seem so colourful.

He aims to add value by making people smile through sharing his money-saving tips, showcasing “awesome” items he has discovered and by encouraging many laughs along the way.  Sales of his short eBook (about his miraculous experience of becoming an unexpected Father in just three hours) is the lifeblood of 3HD as he uses money from the sales of his book to launch the 3hourlution! aka randomly selecting people to receive free gifts and sharing their reaction and testimonials. These people he calls “the chosen ones” receive a happy note and a random act of kindness present. Adam is certain that this will not only positively impact someones’ day but will leave an imprint on the world.

3 hour dad

About Me

I am Adam and I am the 3 Hour Dad, I was blessed with a daughter that I didn’t know was coming, hadn’t prepared for and yet is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Our story was featured in Take A Break magazine and I am still constantly asked what it was like to have become an unplanned parent?! So….finally almost 3 years later (I think I am over the shock!) and have written an eBook which relives “that fateful night” allowing readers to step into my shoes and understand how my life completely changed overnight.

It is also my time to give back, so for every sale of my (short and uncomplicated) eBook, I will donate to a random act of kindness fund. With your purchase we can pick another “chosen one” to surprise with a gift! So let’s try something unique, please join me for the ride so we can make a difference together. I plan to share our stories across our social media channels so do make sure that you join the revol3hourlution.  

I still think of myself as a Peter Pan and LOVE all things Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and super hero related. I plan to share with you some awesome finds but only on items that I have purchased, reviewed or researched heavily as I DETEST people trying to flog rubbish they are not familiar with. I have passion for what I do and don’t like YOU paying full price for items. I am therefore, on a mission to expose the bargains, share my money saving hacks, as well as, sharing funky clothes and awesome home-ware items I think that you might like, because I am in love with them!!

3 hour dad

Personal Bio 

Lyndsay and I started our journey together as school sweethearts and after almost a decade of drifting apart our stars re-aligned and the rest is history! We are getting married on the 4th May 2019 -Get it? May the 4th be with you!

Yes she is also an avid Star Wars fans. It is fair to say I have found my Princess Leia! Can you guess the theme of our wedding?! In typical Mum and Dad fashion, we are now regulars at parks, soft plays and in between that Lyndsay bakes and I songwrite and play guitar.

I love hearing from you, so if you have any items that you think 3HD might like, feedback on any of my posts or have read my book, please don’t hestitate to give me a shout. 3HD is home for like minded people and across our channels your voice should always be heard. To the 3hourlution!

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