Kindness isn’t a phase -Let’s not be the carrot….

Let’s choose kindness.

Kindness? Are you sure this isn’t about vegetables?! What are you banging on about?

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I am talking phases -they come and go and we all seem to jump on board. I bet you or someone you know checked out Pokemon go? We have fond memories of the Tamagotchi and know what a Furby is?! Well it is obvious to me that majority of us love a good trend! 

Phases are for all ages and work in mysterious ways. My fondest memory was my original matchbook 1992 Tracey Island. I later fell in love with the Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and of course Star Wars! When-ever I ask around, the majority of people can recall their favourite childhood toy. Branding they subconsciously fell in love with and  invested in, whether this was Bandai, Kenner or Matchbox. And interestingly, the majority don’t have a clue where these priceless items are these days. Were they given away, sold at carboots or luckily still in your parent’s loft?  Every year there is a bestselling toy and everybody wants one! 

How is this about kindness?

Only recently, my household fell in love with Alid’s Kevn & Katie carrot advert campaign -the limited edition book and the cuddly characters themselves. What a build up, what a costly advert campaign for it to just be over within the one day. Myself included, I was queuing to get my set from the shop as soon as it opened and well and truly brought into the branding.

Aldi made a donation to Cancer for a certain number of purchases for the in demand plush family. Sadly, many of these toys ended up on eBay but the deed was still done.

Now imagine the hype we could build if we carried on building the momentum and spreading our message of the 3hourlution! Just think how much positivity we could spread if by word of mouth, shares and recommednations we could grow our audience.

I picture bigger and better presents, I visualize sponsors wanting to join in with our journey. I want the sky to be the limit and 3HD has the potential to help charities, fund days out, deliver hampers -you name it! We can REALLY make this happen.

I need two things from you

1 -Please check out my book and give it a review on Amazon

2 – Please share, like and recommend us to as many like minded people as possible.

Let’s not be the carrot -let’s choose kindness.

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