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You have been picked as the chosen one by 3hourdad.com to receive a random act of kindness! Why? What is the catch? Well, because you were in the right place at the right time but mainly because we wanted to make you smile and remind you just how beautiful the world is. You included! Here’s to the 3hourlution!

No strings attached, we hope you like your gift.

A lot of effort, time and money goes into 3hourdad’s random act of kindness , (something we call the 3hourlution!) All that we ask is that you take the time to visit our Facebook page or website and let us know if we made you smile? We Love your testimonials as this allows us to continue spreading our message!

My story is nothing short of a miracle as I became a Dad with only 3 hours notice (get it 3hourdad.com ?!) and am trying something unique to give back to the world.

Have a great day and remember you are awesome!


3HD xx

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