Weekend warrior: how to combat the working week!

Weekend...well, why do we call it a weekend? It sounds so final? Surely it isn’t a weekend at the start of Friday evening?s

I hope as you read this you had a good time and got the most out of your last few days off? It is fair to say that time is well and truly not on our side and before we know it, Monday morning will be here. Which for many of us means the dreaded alarm! So that final time we turn the light’s out Sunday night is well and truly the weekend. As in it is the END of that little burst of freedom that we were granted.

Why are we not calling Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday -whatever we want? It is our time to do what WE want so why not apply our own branding? Forget that we are on the clock and well and truly spread our wings before we have to pick back up the baton and take our places on the moving assembly line.  Of course, at the same time the job pays the rent/mortgage so we need to be grateful for that!

My tips to get through the working week with more positivity. Monday is always the HARDEST day to settle into after being liberated. Hopefully, this is your busiest day and so passes quickly without too much devastation.

  • Tuesday is the b*tch that I see as the contender. Well in terms of the working day. To make your day better, choose a dinner that you are really looking forward to in advance of the day and set that as your focus point. Don’t clock watch and  really concentrate on the detail.
  • Wednesday is now mid week,
  • Thursday is Friday Eve and before you know it you are leaving the office Friday afternoon for another adventure that you are the main protagonist.  

Try it for yourselves, the week will seem so much quicker if you concentrate on the positives.

Credits to Y3YXZ for the 3 day minions

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